iOS 6 breaks ability to display our e-Book on Apple devices

We are extremely disappointed to report that when Apple released version 6 of iOS for the iPad, they broke the ability of the iBooks version of  A First Course in Atmospheric Radiation to be viewed correctly.  It previously displayed perfectly on the iPad under iOS 5.1.1.

We  contacted Apple in October 2012 about this problem, and while they have expressed the intent of investigating and solving it, there has been no evident progress since then.

Here’s a screenshot of one page of A First Course in Atmospheric Radiation displayed on an iPad with iOS 5.1.1:

Here’s a screenshot of the same location in the text immediately following the upgrade to iOS 6.0.1  just moments ago:


The same problem affects equations throughout the book.  As you can see, the e-book is now unusable.   We hope that Apple will resolve this problem quickly.  In the meantime, we apologize to our customers, and we recommend that you do not purchase the book via the Apple Store until the problem with iOS 6 has been solved.

UPDATE (Feb. 6, 2013): With the newly released iOS6.1, the above problem has disappeared again (though a few symbols are now inexplicably rendered in boldface). It seems to be safe again to purchase the e-book version of A First Course in Atmospheric Science.


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