Forthcoming title: Python Programming and Visualization for Scientists by Alex DeCaria

Sundog Publishing is pleased to announce the imminent publication of another book by Professor Alex DeCaria at Millersville University.  The title is Python Programming and Visualization for Scientists. The anticipated publication date is early 2016. Topics will include the following:

  • Basic Python programming
    • Getting started
    • Syntax and data types
    • Strings
    • Mathematical operators and functions
    • Flow control
    • File I/O
    • Numpy arrays
    • Functions and modules
    • Defining classes and methods
  • Plotting and visualization with Matplotlib
    • 1-D plotting
    • Multi-panel plots
    • 2-D plotting
    • Reading scientific data sets
    • Basemap
    • 3-D plotting
  • A few advanced topics
    • Regular expressions
    • Time
    • Fourier analysis
    • Miscellany
      • Interpolation, linear regression, and simple statistics
      • Smoothing of data
      • Numerical differentiation and integration
      • Physical constants
      • Matrices
      • Solving systems of linear equations
      • Special mathematical functions
      • Speed and optimization of code

The complete table of contents, foreword, preface, and index can be previewed here.  The book will include a considerable number of color figures.

We currently envisage this book as an 8.5 x 11 format volume with spiral binding to facilitate easy lay-flat reference while working at a computer.  There will be quick-reference charts on the inside covers. Other formats (e.g., traditional softcover, electronic) are also being contemplated, depending on anticipated demand.

As always, our marketing of new books depends partly on word-of-mouth and partly on publicity sent directly to prospective users and instructors.  Please let us know of any opportunities you are aware of reach the scientific python community!


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