New customer referral program – with cash commission!

One of the biggest challenges facing a niche publisher with no marketing department is the problem of publicizing its titles to prospective customers.  Here at Sundog Publishing, we have come up with what we believe to be an novel new way of meeting that challenge.

Simply put, we now provide our past customers (and anyone else who asks for one!) with a unique referral code.  Anyone who uses the code to buy one or more of our books gets a $1 discount per book. And the owner of the referral code earns at least a $1 commission on the sale!

I said “at least,” because a commission is also paid for indirect sales.  That is, if Jim gives his referral code to Jane, who uses it to buy a book through our website, and if Jane then gives her referral code to Jenny and Justin, who each buy books, then Jim earns commissions on the books Jenny and Justin bought in addition to that from Jane’s book.

Another example with specifics based on current rates: Quincy gives his referral code to Quentin, who happens to work in a university department with 16 atmospheric scientists and programmers. Quentin uses Quincy’s referral code and then passes his own code on to his colleagues, each of whom buys a copy of, say, Python Programming and Visualization for Scientists. Quincy earns $1 on the sale to Quentin and another 50 cents on each of the secondary sales, for a total of $9. And Quincy and his colleagues all enjoy a $1 discount as well!

Going forward, everyone who buys a book directly from our website should automatically receive their own referral code within a few days.  And anyone who wants a referral code can request one, even if they don’t buy one of our books first (or if they bought one before we began this program).

Along with your referral code, you will receive additional details about how the process works, including the calculation of indirect commissions. Suffice it to say, there is no risk and no obligation on your part, and the effort could be as small as posting your referral code and a link to our website on your social media page!

This is a new experiment for us, and we’re looking forward to finding out how well it works.  Tell us what you think!


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