For Students

If you are a student who requires one of our books for your course, you have several options:

  • Order it directly through this web site. Most likely, you will get a much better price for a new copy from us than from any other source. The drawback is that because we are a very small business, we can’t always ship as quickly as a large vendor like Amazon will. So ordering from us is an option mainly if you’re willing to wait one to two weeks for your copy to arrive, or perhaps less than a week if you live in the U.S. and order the upgraded shipping.
  • Get it at your university bookstore. Assuming your instructor puts in a book order with your local bookstore, this has the advantage of both speed and convenience, but you will almost certainly pay something close to full retail price for the book, or about 33% more than you will pay via this web site.
  • Get it from Amazon. You really have two options here – new and used.
    • New books from Amazon will not only cost full retail (or close to it), but you will pay several dollars for shipping as well. You should probably only use this option if you’re in a hurry and can’t get the book through your local university bookstore.
    • Used books sold via Amazon often include many that Sundog Publishing sells as “used, like new” simply because they were returned from bookstores with scuffs or creases in the cover and can’t be sold as brand new. The “used” price for these books will often be well below the new price and may even be below the price of used books in poorer condition sold by others.  This is a great option for those wishing to save money but who don’t mind cosmetic blemishes.
  • Other sources.  There are undoubtedly other sources for our books, both new and used.  If you can find a trustworthy vendor AND save money, by all means do it!

One last thing:  A surprising number of students (and instructors) seem unaware of the option of buying our books directly from us at wholesale prices, so many copies are purchased at full list price from Amazon or bookstores.  You’ll be doing your classmates a favor if you help spread the word!

One more last thing:  If you know an instructor who could write (or is writing) an awesome textbook, please consider referring them to Sundog Publishing!