For Instructors

There are three different ways for you to assist your students in obtaining a copy of one of our textbooks. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

1. You, the instructor, may place an order for the required number of copies through your local university bookstore in the usual way. They will then be on the shelf before the start of the semester and can be picked up by students when they shop for their other textbooks. The drawback is that the books will be marked up by the bookstore, probably to around the list price. We recommend this option if your highest priority is to keep things simple.

2. Your students can directly order the book through our web site. Simply include the following link in your course syllabus: They will then pay the wholesale price of 25% off of list price, including shipping via Media Mail. The drawback is that your students may not receive their copy until up to two weeks after they place the order. This can be a problem if they don’t learn of the need to obtain the book until the first day of class (note, however, that the first couple of chapters of some of our books are posted online to cover this eventuality). Also, for foreign orders, the single-copy shipping and customs fee may be quite high – as much as $15 per copy. We recommend this option if you are located in the United States and either (a) you are able to notify your students at least two weeks before the start of the term of the need for this book or (b) your students will not require the book during the first two weeks of the term. (Note that the first couple of chapters may be available electronically — check the page for the book in question!)

3. You, the instructor, can order the required number of copies directly from Sundog Publishing. Just send us an email with the specifics of your request. We will send you the books on credit, with payment due two weeks after the start of the semester, allowing you time to collect payment from your students. Also, you may return undamaged copies for full credit so there is no risk to you if there are extras. Note that, for foreign orders, the per-copy shipping cost will be reduced by up to $7 or so when orders are combined in this way. The main drawback is that you will have to personally handle the collection of money, the distribution of books to your students, and the return shipping of any unneeded copies. We recommend this option if you are willing to go to a little extra trouble to save each of your students around $12 (up to $19 for foreign orders) while also ensuring that books are available at the start of the term.

If you choose option 1, please contact your bookstore well in advance of the start of the term. If you prefer option 2, please let your students know as early as possible how to order their copy. For option 3, please send e-mail to with information concerning your order. We will respond with an estimate of shipping charges and details concerning payment and return policies.