Recession of Equatorial Glaciers: A Photo Documentation – S. Hastenrath

Belongs in any academic or research library serving the glaciology, geography, and climate science communities.



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About the book

At a time when climate change is on the minds of scientists, policy makers, and the general public, there is a need for careful, objective documentation of the nature and magnitude of the changes that are already occurring. Glaciers on the high mountains of the low latitudes are sensitive indicators of climatic and environmental change. Near the Equator, ice is still found in East Africa, the Ecuadorian Andes, and New Guinea. Explorations over a century have included measurements of precipitation, net balance and ice flow velocity, mappings of areal extent and surface topography, and terrestrial and airborne photography and satellite imagery.

Photographs by the author and by others prior to 1980 have been reproduced in two books, but in limited quality and availability. More photography has been conducted since then, in part incorporated into a report on Mount Kenya by the author. The Mountain Club of Kenya, Nikunj Shah and Kazahara Mizuno sent the author additional photographs from Mount Kenya; Konrad Steffen, Georg Kaser, Doug Hardy and Nils Wiklund provided recent pictures from Kilimanjaro, and Bernard Francou provided photos from El Altar, Antisana and Cotopaxi in Ecuador. Bolivar Caceres provided data on recent ice extent in the Ecuadorian Andes. Ian Allison and James Peterson contributed photographs from New Guinea.

The almost 200 photographs, maps, and charts from all of the above sources have been compiled into a single comprehensive volume covering the period from the late 1800s to the present. It therefore serves as a one-of-a-kind archival record of the physical extent and appearance of the major glaciers still found in the equatorial zone, some of which could disappear over the next decades.

Recession of Equatorial Glaciers: A Photo Documentation belongs in any academic or research library serving the glaciology, geography, and climate science communities.

About the author

Stefan Hastenrath is Senior Scientist and Professor  Emeritus in the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is well known for his extensive research contributions in climate dynamics and tropical glaciology. Prof. Hastenrath has directed that all author royalties for this work be deposited to a University of Wisconsin fund supporting tropical climate research.


“After a long career dealing with tropical glaciers, Stefan Hastenrath is to be congratulated on assembling a rare set of photographs and presenting a timely contribution to documentation of the long-term ice recession in the three glaciated high mountain regions at the equator: East Africa, the Ecuadorian Andes and New Guinea.

[T]his book presents a unique and spectacular record of the rapid contraction of the tropical glaciers, which should be read by all with an interest in glaciers and climate.” –Journal of Glaciology, 54(188), 2008¬† (READ FULL REVIEW HERE)



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Stefan Hastenrath
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July 2008