Fair prices for students.
Fair contracts for authors.

A new model for textbook publishing

Over the past few decades, technological advances have radically reduced the expense of publishing college textbooks. Yet neither students nor authors have enjoyed many of the benefits of this revolution.  On the contrary, students continue to pay rapidly inflating textbook costs, and textbook authors continue to receive only a small fraction of the sales price -- typically 10-15% -- as compensation for their expertise and considerable effort. 

Sundog Publishing was founded by a university professor who felt that the traditional publishing model had failed to keep up with the times.  He self-published his own two textbooks and began selling them directly to students at half the cost of comparable textbooks in his field. 

For textbook authors

Sundog Publishing is now handling books for other authors as well, offering them benefits that they would never get from traditional publishing houses, including

  • significantly higher royalty rates
  • complete creative control
  • retention of copyright
  • non-exclusive publishing contract
  • input into retail pricing

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For students

Students benefit as well, not only because of the generally lower retail price of our books compared with competing textbook offerings, but also because they can order books directly from this website at the same wholesale price charged to bookstores, thereby avoiding the 25% retail markup!

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For instructors

Because of the more favorable terms offered to authors, high quality textbooks are more likely to get written and published even in so-called niche fields. Instructors won't have to "reinvent the wheel" by cobbling together their own notes for a course that lacked a suitable textbook.  Moreover, instructors have a greater incentive to take their own notes and develop them into a textbook that they know others will use.

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